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For more than 10 years, Trinity Dynamic Corporation Limited (TDC) has been established and known as a constant innovator devoted to the stainless steel industry, both in Thailand and many countries of Southeast Asia.

Based on the philosophy of “innovation”, amalgamated with TDC unique culture which unifies multi-cultures into one, TDC is now recognized as an organizational leadership in the stainless steel industry.

With acclaimed leadership, TDC has continuously developed and enhanced the competitive abilities of all trading partners in the areas of production cost, management, and internationally quality standards for new and better creations.

Moreover, TDC has been the role model in the industrial business, with determination to seriously care for the quality of life and the performance of employees. We have invested in the building design and its ambiences, including the welfares which create satisfaction and increase work performance of employees in every level. Additionally, we have continuously arranged training programs for employees which will make us grow and stand strong in the business world with the greatest pride.

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